Mei Angela The First Cover on Young Animal

Mei Angela on “Young Animal”.

Mei Angela The First Cover on "Young Animal".

Mei Angela appears as a regular cast “Reika Kamidai” of the popular series “Kamen Rider Saber” (TV Asahi), which is being broadcast on Sunday at 9 am.

<Interview Mei Angela>

・Congratulations on appearing on the first cover of Young Animal.

A. Thank you so much! I am very happy to be the cover and the beginning of the book for the first time! I also appeared on the cover of “CAPA” released on 2/20, so I’m sure you will see two of me in the bookstore!

・ I heard that Nashiko Momotsuki was the cover page of the last Young Animal.

A. That’s right! I did the cover this time! Thank you Young Animal. Nashiko and I pass the baton every Sunday at Super Hero Time. After that my Kamen Rider Saber broadcast, I get the baton and it was the flow of Kiramager Nashiko, but this time I got it from Young Animal Nashiko! I’m glad to be able to achieve a continuous cover as the 01Nichiasa combination.

・ You are appearing in Kamen Rider Saber, but how about your acting job?

A. It’s a lot of fun. Of course, there are many difficult things and worries, I couldn’t do what I imagined and practiced in my head by reading the script It didn’t work as I expected. But I have no idea why … Even so, I’ve been able to do it little by little, but I’m still worried. But it’s fun including all of them, and every day is fulfilling!

・ Please tell us your future goals and what you want to challenge.

A. Of course, now I’m seriously facing the job of Kamen Rider Saber, From there, I will try to do acting again. I want to take on various challenges such as comedy stuff…


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<<Profile Mei Angela>>

Mei Angela

Born: Japan

Date of Birth: 04/29/1997




Người mẫu Nhật Bản xinh đẹp Angela Mei
Chiều cao và số đo
Chiều cao là 5’7 “(172 cm), Số đo là 36-24-35 in (92-62-90 cm) Kích cỡ áo ngực là G.
SINH NHẬT : 29 tháng 4 năm 1997
NƠI SINH : Saitama, Nhật Bản
CUNG : Kim Ngưu


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